The Yellow Tribal Juju

Beautiful Yellow Tribal Jujus feather. They look great clustered with multiple sizes or as an individual feature on your wall.
Lightweight and easy to hang.
The Cameroon Juju Hat is a very exotic and incredibly striking decorative item. Decorators discovered it in local African tribes, where it served as a headdress for chiefs and was used in festive ceremonies as an ornament for the best dancers. But why hide such beauty within Africa when it could be a vibrant accessory in any modern interior?!
Decorators seek out the most unusual feather colors and use Juju hats as original home decorations, hanging them on walls or placing them on tables or shelves. Moreover, they serve as amulets, as birds have long been considered objects of worship, symbolizing prosperity and beauty. Juju Hats are symbols of luxury, wealth, and power, but they are also objects capable of transforming even the most ordinary and unremarkable room. They remind delicate blooming flowers. Juju Hats look beautiful as a pair or in collections of different sizes and colors. They are often used in bedrooms above the bedhead or in living rooms as a vibrant accent. They also look stunning on a table, resembling a floral arrangement.

Diameter: 70 cm

Material: Feathers